Service Catalogue Workshop

After having just built our third service catalogue for a client, we are looking for ways to share the learnings and speed up the process for as many organisations as possible.

We have developed a Service Catalogue workshop, along with an online coaching component, to help organisations create and publish their Service Catalogues more quickly.

We are also introducing a “buddy” system, where you and your organisation will be partnered with other similar organisations, so that you can hold each other accountable and share the workload.

While there are many training courses, our workshop is deliberately hands-on. While preparing the slide deck, we had almost as many activities as we did content! We six major topics in just one day:

  • Module 1 – Service Catalogue Concepts
  • Module 2 – Service Catalogue Management and design
  • Module 3 – Catalogue Technology
  • Module 4 – Planning your Catalogue
  • Module 5 – Justifying your Catalogue
  • Module 6 – The Catalogue in the Service Lifecycle

Our aim is to have you make a start on the documentation, and more importantly, definitions and catalogue itself. Here are the draft deliverables you’ll have begun during the day, and will complete with your buddy as part of the ongoing mastermind:

  • Service catalogue (rough draft) and Service map
  • Lean “business” canvas justifying the effort
  • Executive awareness presentation
  • Service Catalogue Policy with definition of a Service
  • Service Catalogue Management flow
  • Roles and responsibility statements for owners and manager
  • Maturity Model and Implementation Plan
  • Kanban board for next improvement steps

We’ll be using some Agile concepts such as using a Kanban board for process improvement tracking and drafting a one-page business justification in the form of a lean canvas.

We also provide you with a DIY process maturity self-assessment model so you can guage your current and future states, and plan improvements.

To download a workshop brochure click here.

Contact Dean for more information on joinging our Service Catalogue Mastermind.